Bezpieczny Bank nr 2 (59) 2015


Monika Marcinkowska From the Editor 5
Anna Matuszyk,
Aneta Ptak-Chmielewska
Profile of the Fraudulent Customer 7
Karolina Patora Liquidity Coverage Requirement under the Delegated Regulation of the European Commission and Basel III Rules – a Comparative Study 25
Aneta Hryckiewicz-Gontarczyk,
Joanna Wierusz-Wróbel
The Effect of Recent Changes in Foreign Banks’ Behavior on Banking Sector Concentration – First Evidence from 53 Countries 47
Dorota Skała Bank Performance and Local Economic Conditions. Are Polish Cooperative Banks Vulnerable to Regional Downturns 77
Milda Burzała Did the Crisis in the Interbank Market Run parallel to the Crisis in the Capital Market? Cospectral Analysis 96
Jerzy Pruski, Jakub Kerlin Characteristics of Deposit Insurance Research and the Challenges Ahead 113
Piotr Masiukiewicz Global Risk – Monograph Review: Shadow Banking. Systemowa innowacja finansowa by Jan Krzysztof Solarz 126