Bezpieczny Bank nr 3 (60) 2015


Leszek Pawłowicz Introduction 5
It is worth being part of the Eurozone – Oxford-style debate at the 5th European Financial Congress 7
Jacek Rostowski How to repair the Eurozone? And what will happen if we fail? 19
Bernhard Speyer TLAC: Systemic risk issues and the impact on strategies of cross-border banks 23
Olga Szczepańska MREL and TLAC i.e. How to increase the loss absorption capacity of banks 37
Marcin Borsuk Adequate loss-absorbing capacity in the resolution process 54
Leszek Pawłowicz Reflections about too big to fail banks and moral hazard 78
Piotr Mielus,
Tomasz Mironczuk
Structure of the Cost of Deposit in Selected EU Countries 89