Author Title Text
nr 2 (71) 2018, s. 5-6
Jan Szambelańczyk
A Word from the Editor text (pdf)
Problems and Opinions
nr 2 (71) 2018, s. 7-29
Stefan Gärtner,
Jorge Fernandez-Mototo
Governance, Cohesion and Banking in Spain from a Spatial Perspective abstract
full text (pdf)
nr 2 (71) 2018, s. 30-54
Zoltán Gál,
Sandor Zsolt Kovács
Corporate Governance and Local Embeddedness of the Hungarian Cooperative Banking Sector abstract
full text (pdf)
nr 2 (71) 2018, s. 55-85
Thomas Schumann,
Anatoly Maksimow
Fostering Regional Economic Development by Promoting Cooperative Banking Structures in Rual Areas – Lessons Learned in the Russian Federation after 1990 abstract
full text (pdf)
nr 2 (71) 2018, s. 86-95
Klaudia Jarno,
Hanna Kołodziejczyk
Two Years of the Bank Tax in Poland – an Analysis of Effects abstract
full text (pdf)
nr 2 (71) 2018 s. 96-112
Marcin Idzik
Social Determinants of Opinions about Banks abstract
full text (pdf)
nr 2 (71) 2018, s. 113-125
Paweł Mikołajczak
Sources of Funding and Revenues of Social Enterprises in Poland in Comparison to Selected European Countries and World-Wide abstract
full text (pdf)
nr 2 (71) 2018, s. 126-136
Andrzej Dżuryk
Funding of Banks in Resolution abstract
full text (pdf)
nr 2 (71) 2018, s. 137-156
Radosław Kałużny
Should Creditors Believe in Auditors’ Opinions? Auditors’ Independence, Going-Concern Warnings and Credit Risk Assessment abstract
full text (pdf)