Bezpieczny Bank nr 4 (65) 2016


nr 4 (65) 2016, s. 5-6
Jan Szambelańczyk
A word from the Editor text
Problems and Opinions
nr 4 (65) 2016, s. 7-26
Magdalena Szyszko
 Is it Worth Revealing More? Central Banks’ Transparency and its Measurement abstract
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nr 4 (65) 2016, s. 27-59
Małgorzata Olszak,
Iwona Kowalska
 Determinants of Leverage and Liquidity and Bank Size – cross-country study abstract
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nr 4 (65) 2016, s. 60-74
Leszek Pawłowicz, 
Marcin Borsuk
 Temporary Funding in the Resolution Process abstract
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nr 4 (65) 2016, s. 75-95
Grzegorz Paluszak, Joanna Wiśniewska-Paluszak
 The Role of Green Banking in a Sustainable Industrial Network abstract
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nr 4 (65) 2016, s. 96-115
Ewa Miklaszewska, Krzysztof Kil
Reputational Risk: Problems with Understanding the Concept and Managing Its Impact abstract
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nr 4 (65) 2016, s. 115-144
Marcin Borsuk, Andrzej Dżuryk
Position of the European Financial Congress on the Supplementary Supervision of Financial Conglomerates abstract
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Book Reviews
nr 4 (65) 2016, s. 145-148
Aneta Hryckiewicz-Gontarczyk
Review of “Foreign capital and the impact of culture on bank management in Poland” (“Kapitał zagraniczny a kulturowe uwarunkowania zarządania bankami w Polsce”) by Lech Kurkliński text
nr 4 (65) 2016, s. 149-155
Jan Szambelańczyk
Piotr Aleksandrowicz, Aleksandra Fandrejewska-Tomczyk, Reform of the Polish banking system from 1987 to 2004 in the memories of its authors, (Reforma polskiego system bankowego w latach 1987-2004 we wspomnieniach jej twórców) text