From issue 3 (84) 2021, the “Bezpieczny Bank” journal is available on the OJS platform

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Older issues of the journal can be found on the pages Numery czasopisma Bezpieczny Bank.

“Safe Bank” is a journal published by the Bank Guarantee Fund since 1997.

The mission of the journal is to popularize knowledge on the stability of Polish and foreign financial systems, in particular regulatory solutions and their consequences, deposit guarantee schemes and resolution of credit institutions, insurance companies, reinsurance companies and investment companies, the activities of other financial market entities as well as the behaviour of their customers and, above all, promoting original research results on the functioning of financial systems.

The Minister of Science and Higher Education awarded 20 points for a scientific publication in Safe Bank journal (Communiqué of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 31 July 2019).

The journal is managed by the Editorial Committee composed of:

  • Prof. Jan Szambelańczyk – Editor-in-chief (Poznań University of Economics and Business)
  • Prof. Małgorzata Iwanicz-Drozdowska (Warsaw School of Economics)
  • Prof. Ryszard Kokoszczyński (University of Warsaw)
  • Prof. Monika Marcinkowska (University of Łódź)
  • prof. Ewa Miklaszewska (Cracow University of Economics)
  • Prof. Krzysztof Opolski (University of Warsaw)
  • Prof. Ewa Kulińska-Sadłocha (University of Łódź)
  • Artur Radomski (Director of the Management Board Office, BFG)
  • Ewa Teleżyńska (Secretary)

supported by the Program and Scientific Council composed of:

  • dr Marek Dietl – Chairman (Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw Stock Exchange)
  • prof. Angel Berges Lobera (Universidad Autonoma Madrid, Spain)
  • prof. Paola Bongini (University of Milan-Bicocca, Milan, Italy)
  • prof. Santiago Carbo-Valverde (Bangor University, Great Britain)
  • prof. Eugeniusz Gatnar (University of Economics in Katowice)
  • prof. Andrzej Gospodarowicz (Wrocław University of Economics and Business)
  • prof. Jacek Jastrzębski (KNF)
  • dr Magdalena Kozińska (Warsaw School of Economics)
  • prof. Marko Košak (Univeristy of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • prof. Anzhela Kuznetsova (Banking University Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • prof. Edgar Löw (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
  • dr Kamil Mroczka (University of Warsaw)
  • prof. Leszek Pawłowicz (University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk Institute for Market Economics, Banking Academy in Gdańsk)
  • Krzysztof Pietraszkiewicz (The Polish Bank Association)
  • prof. Andrzej Sławiński (Warsaw School of Economics)
  • dr Olga Szczepańska (National Bank of Poland)

Bank Guarantee Fund
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00-546 Warsaw

Editors’ office:
Ewa Teleżyńska
Tel: + 48 22 58 30 878