On 27 October 2021 the Bank Guarantee Fund signed an agreement to sell 100 percent shares of Bank Nowy BFG S.A. The majority stake (72%) was acquired by a cooperative bank Wielkopolski Bank Spółdzielczy, operating under neoBANK brand, and the remaining shares were acquired by other entities.

The clients of Bank Nowy BFG S.A. do not need to take any action due to the transaction; neoBANK will inform them about the next steps related to the takeover.

Bank Nowy BFG S.A. was a bridge institution, to which a organised part of Podkarpacki Bank Spółdzielczy in Sanok (PBS) enterprise was transferred on 20 January 2020 during the resolution process. Along with the sale of Bank Nowy BFG S.A. the process of resolution of PBS has been finalized.